In a light moment, former players John Terry and Sergio Aguero reveled in watching their team Argentina win the World Cup amidst much revelry. John Terry commented that he was amused to see Sergio wearing an Argentina shirt, the same way he did a few years back. Sergio emulated John Terry’s antics when he dressed in a shirt of their team while celebrating the triumph at the World Cup 2022.

Aguero is now retired, like John Terry. He was at the stadium when the finals were being played out between France and Argentina. He had just paused his career after he left Manchester City. At the World Cup, he was reveling in the joy of seeing his compatriots win the World Cup trophy. John Terry had also done something similar when Chelsea won the Champions League trophy, ten years back. At that time he had been with the team of Argentina, wearing the number 19 shirt, trainers, and shorts and being like any other squad member.

Terry noticed that Aguero had also picked up such antics, probably inspired by him. He had prepared similarly to support Argentina in the final match. He had commented on BeIN Sports that Aguero had gone his way, something that he had done first. It is a known fact, that Aguero was sharing the room with Lionel Messi, with whom he was very close. Messi was the godfather to Aguero’s son.
What Terry had done ten years back, wearing the full kit is documented in several media photos. It had been a defining moment in Munich. Though he was the skipper at that time he had not been part of that match. However, he stood with the team when they received the trophy, in full gear, as per the club’s wishes. Ramires, his former teammate confirmed that they had all changed after the match and everyone wanted to wear the shirts for the photo. Frank Lampard also wanted Terry to get credit for the final success in 2012 since he had put in considerable effort.