Antonio Conte is not sure why David Luiz has not had a great welcome from the Blues’ supporters.

The boss reckons the 55-time capped Brazil international is blessed with all the Footballing capability and he just has to be rightly guided.

Conte believes the only purpose for having someone to coach the team is that he can remove the bad habits which might be existent in the players and if Luiz has a bad habit of letting the focus drop in the middle of a match, he, as a coach, will have to tighten him up.

As per Conte, ahead of his joining at Juventus, saying each and every defender they had was just a waste and it was surely a valid criticism because goals had been coming thick and fast against them, but, when he got in; he saw fantastic dedication from the defenders and with that dedication and with some technical help, they are now one of the toughest backline to beat in World Football. So, it’s about bettering the players with right guidance.

Conte was quoted saying. “I can’t understand it (regarding people’s displeasure). I rate his game. He has the tools and his winning record is fantastic. Why to look back? Why to think of his last tenure? This is a new tenure. We should talk of this one, shouldn’t we?”

On Luiz’s lack of focus, Conte said, “That is not a likeable thing if you are not focussed in a match. Focus is vital, but, if that is the main issue with David that he can’t keep himself focussed, then nobody other than me is expected to get him better in that regard. It’s me who has to help him because it’s me who is coaching him.”