Bradley Simmonds is a personal trainer for Premier League players and the latest big name star to join his training regimen is Aston Villa´s recent signing John Terry as the veteran defender wants to continue performing at a high level, especially now that he joined a new club and finished his 22 yearlong relationship with Chelsea.

Theo Walcott is another big name player that Bradley Simmonds has trained and continues to work alongside with as well as celebrities of other sports.

As a way to stay in tip top shape, John Terry decided to utilize the services of the London-based personal trainer and Simmonds himself has been impressed by the fitness level that he has seen from the former Chelsea defender and said that he could continue performing at a high level for 5 more years if he really wanted to do so.

¨John's an athlete. In the off-season it will be more on me, pushing John. When he retires which could be another five years, he's that fit he doesn't seem to want to retire and that will be down to me helping him build muscle but in the meantime John will ring me up and say: "Look mate, I need to work on my fitness, let's do some boxing, can we do some core?" Then I write down a plan and we smash it¨

John Terry´s recently appointed personal trainer Bradley Simmonds said.

According to Simmonds, one of the activities that they have opted to utilize on a consistent basis is boxing and it has significantly helped the veteran defender in staying active.

Throughout the 20+ yearlong playing career of John Terry, he has avoided injuries and this is something else that Simmonds praised from the veteran defender as the personal trainer stated that in every single training session, Terry attempts to complete it and be as strong as he can possibly be without any excuses.