John Terry has branded Frank Lampard is the best player he has trained with.

The former Chelsea midfielder is widely known as one of the hardest working players around. Even though Lampard was heavily criticised for the lack of obvious talent during his early days at West Ham, he more than made up for it with a lot of hours on the training ground. It helped him become one of the best players in the world, as he proved the same by winning numerous honours with Chelsea including the Champions League. He was also quite successful at the club while playing alongside top players like Didier Drogba and John Terry.

Reunited on television for the first time since Lampard left the club a few years ago, Terry heaped praise on his former teammate. Lampard ended up being the record goalscorer for Chelsea with 211 goals in 13 years at the club. He has recently spoke about the possibility of returning to the West London outfit, perhaps on a coaching role.

Lampard has just left his role at New York City FC after letting his contract expired. He had been at the MLS outfit for only one season, but once again demonstrated his incredible ability to score even from the midfield.

"There's no coincidence why he ended up with so many goals and the kind of work rate and effort.He was the best trainer and best player I ever played with and he was the one to go to them times in training when your struggling and you need someone to look at for inspiration.This is what he done, not only for myself, but for the whole group. You see him after training grab a bag of balls, grab the coach and practice his shooting from the edge of the box,” said Terry.