Raheem Sterling along with Paul Pogba and Harry Kane is one of the young talents in the world of football that every top club wants to sign. Harry Kane has already stated that he does not have any interest in leaving Tottenham Hotspur anytime soon as he is happy performing at the White Hart Lane stadium.

Paul Pogba on the other hand is a player who is available to be signed as Juventus is willing to sell the French youngster and if the price is right, he will be offloaded away from the Italian club.

Liverpool’s Sterling is on the radar of many clubs and he has been for the past few months as Sterling has consistently been rejecting contract extensions that Liverpool has offered him. The 20 year old player has already rejected contract offers in the region of €70,000 each week as Sterling is not interested in extending his current deal with Liverpool and is believed on wanting to leave Anfield.

All of these contract rejections that Raheem Sterling has been doing have brought forward a string of negative effects towards fans of Liverpool as they are starting to say that Raheem Sterling is only interested in making money and that he will probably just join the club that offers him a better salary, however, Chelsea’s John Terry has emerged and defended the decision that the young player has been making.

John Terry said that Raheem Sterling wants to win huge titles and that the Jamaican born player was mistreated in Anfield.

Chelsea’s John Terry praised Raheem Sterling as he said: “At times he’s been unfairly treated this year with the press he’s got. He’s a young player and wants to play at the very top for the very best.He’s got ambitions to play in the Champions League and continue playing for his country.”

Sterling’s time in Liverpool appears to be running out and there is sea of clubs that are ready on making a move for the youngster who has been recently lauded by John Terry despite his questionable decisions from the past few weeks and even months.