Chelsea captain John Terry believes that the unpredictable nature of the Premier League this season means that the blues should not take the title for granted despite a 10 point advantage over second placed Tottenham.

Manchester City’s victory over Bournemouth has helped to reduce the gap to eight point, but even that remains as a significant advantage with 13 games left in the season. Terry may have been a bit part player this season under the regime of Antonio Conte, but the captain has not complained about his lack of game time.

Instead, Terry has proven to be a major support from the sidelines. A veteran of several Premier League medals, Terry has seen a lot of situations when it comes to winning the Premier League or losing the title. He is aware that the blues should not start celebrating rather too soon, as it is always impossible not to write off any team to win the Premier League.

Unlike the likes of Spain or Italy where only a few teams dominate, the Premier League is rich with competition with as much as six teams involved in a title race even now. Only a few years ago, the Premier League was also in a similar situation with only the favourites managing to win the title.

Now, however, the quality has increased substantially with any team capable of winning the title as proven by Leicester City last season."As you see when we went away to Burnley last week, everyone expected us to pick up three points.This year, especially in the Premier League, everyone is beating everyone. It is not like five or 10 years ago when you could look at a fixture and think we can go there and pick up three points and move on to the next match,” said Terry.