Chelsea defender John Terry says that he expects manager José Mourinho to take the club forward despite the wobbles this season.

The Portuguese manager has struggled to exert any authority over the team in the last six months.

Chelsea have been going through a steady period of decline since winning the title with three games left last season. Following a very poor pre-season, things have been expected to improve for quite a while without much hope. It has come to the time when the future of the manager is looking in serious jeopardy if this trend continues.

Chelsea have suffered a whopping three defeats in the league already and are just a couple of places above the relegation zone. At this rate, they are in serious danger of failing to qualify for the top four. Mourinho signed a new four-year contract only in August and this is widely believed to be his only strong point with the club right now. It would take a massive amount of money to sack him and Chelsea do not want this spoil their work for FFP. Terry has been in and out of the team due to poor form. He has been one of the several big players to have failed to deliver this campaign.

"What the club have done is set a precedent and said he's the man to take us forward. He will do. This squad of players won the league last season. There is no difference. It's a bad run of form. Really bad.When you have been at the top for so long, it's horrible. You don't want to go out after games, you don't want to show your face in public. It's that level. This is the first time in my career where I have not been a regular. I couldn't see myself doing that for a year or two years,” said Terry.