The 35 year old Chelseacaptain has been unable to recover from an ankle injury on schedule.

This means until the international break, Terry would not feature in any games for Chelsea.

Initially, it was expected that from the prognosis earlier given, Terry would be unavailable for just 12 days. Unfortunately, he will not get to feature in any other match until the game against Leicester City. This would be a month since he sustained the ankle injury.

On September 11, Terry rolled his ankle towards the end of their match against Swansea. He was getting ready to return to the squad in preparations for the match against Arsenal at two weekends back thus unsettling his progress. He therefore will be unavailable on Saturday for the match against Hull City.

He hasn't recovered from his injury in his ankle. I think we can see him after the international break,' Chelsea manager Antonio Conte confirmed.

While out, Chelsea has gone on to lose two of their matches against Arsenal and Liverpool in the Premier League. For the EFL cup tie, they were only able to beat Leicester during the extra time.
Antonio Conte, Chelsea's boss equally went further to speak on allegations being carried about on English football and widespread corruption.

Conte, who had earlier gone on trial for sporting fraud was in May, cleared of all charges. He had been accused of failing to not reporting a case of match fixing during his tenure as coach of Siena.

The Italian man is of the view that all information about any such cases should be gotten first before going further to judge anyone.
"I think that when this type of situation happens, it's important to know the real truth," Conte said.

"It’s right, this. But before, to say if someone is guilty or not, it's important to know the real truth. I think this."