Frank Lampard says that John Terry is now being forced to take the tough decisions that will decide his future for the next few years.

Terry is out of contract at the end of the campaign and Chelsea have decided not to give him a new contract. The 35-year-old has been the face of the club for more than a decade. One of the last top players to come from the youth academy, which has been criticised for not producing enough young players, Terry is linked with a move to MLS club. There are also suggestions that he could retire from the game.

After having won numerous titles with the blues, Terry is finding himself in the same position that Lampard was in a few years ago. Back then, the record goalscorer for the blues decided to join Manchester City on free transfer. Even though some have vindicated his decision, it has long been forgotten once Lampard moved to the United States. Terry is unlikely to play for another English club, but he is still fit enough to represent an MLS or Middle East team. Right now, the decision by Chelsea looks to be good given that the former England captain has struggled with injuries in the second half of the season.

"I imagined finishing my career at Chelsea, and I know John would have, too. But you do have moments when you wonder where your career is going, and I found that period difficult at the end of my time at Chelsea. It’s now the choice that John makes. If he doesn’t stay, where does he go? For me it’s been an amazing experience to go to Manchester and New York, even when I didn’t expect it. And it might be the same for John if it does go that way,” said Lampard.