Stuart Pearce, the new manager and caretaker of the England tem has clearly mentioned that he might not include John Terry in the Euro 2012 squad.

Apart from that he has also removed John from his captaincy and said that this decision would have been taken even if he was physically fit. The entire fiasco is basically revolving around the fact that John was involved in a case of racial abuse and Stuart does not want his captain of his team to be involved in any kind of controversy, irrespective of the fact whether it is true or not. This is due to the simple fact that later on it might be a problem for the team as the bad name spreads to the entire team.

John Terry has had quite a list of misfortunes this year and to end with the stripping of his captaincy badge is just the worst he could have expected. He however needs to ensure that his controversies get removed before the final selection of the squad is made and he also needs to keep his health in mind so that he can hope to make it to the team at least, if not become the captain.

Stuart Pearce has gone on to defend himself by saying that there is no discrimination being done towards John Terry and there are quite a number of other senior players as well who have not been selected. The only reason that Stuart can provide as of now is that he does not find them fit enough to play this summer. Moreover, he goes on to defend himself by saying that the likes of Steven Gerard, Ashley Cole, Wayne Rooney and a few other have been selected instead of the previous year players.