In the swirling midsts of another scandal, at least John Terry can count on the support of his manager at Chelsea Football Club. Whilst many in the press (and certainly on the internet) are willing to castigate JT for his use of a racist slur, AVB insists that Terry is not letting it affect him, and believes to the very end that there has been a misunderstanding.

John Terry has always maintained that the words he is captured screaming on videos across the net were taken out of context - it misses off the first bit where he screamed that he would never say those words.

Those who dislike Terry have jumped on the chance to castigate him, but Villas Boas believes that it is a genuine misunderstanding.

''Has the situation affected John? No, not at all,'' Villas-Boas said. ''It hasn't distracted him at all, I don't think. For me, it was never a situation. It's a misunderstanding.

''It's an FA investigation, so let them investigate. This is just defeat for a team, a very important defeat and nothing else.''